April 13, 2024

Add colors to your outfit

The way you present yourself daily reflects a lot about your personality. It is not what you wear or which brand of clothes you wear; it is about how you wear them. Even if you have a wardrobe full of clothes with famous brands with a lack of fashion sense, you may not manage to look presentable and stylish. In this article, we have shared some tips & advice, which you can follow and choose your clothes accordingly to improve your lifestyle and always look presentable.

Best fashion advice

Some of the best Fashion advice

  • Clothes that never go out of fashion

Make sure your wardrobe has clothes that never go out of fashion. The must-have clothes are a black dress that goes with every occasion, a pair of jeans, a belted dress, a denim jacket, simple T-shirts ( white one especially), a classic long blazer for winter, converse shoes, one flat for summers, and lastly excellent watch.

  • Say no to too tight or loose clothes

When you buy clothes, always look for clothes that are not too tight or lose it will not look good. If you accidentally bought it, alter it or exchange it but never wear it because you like the color or design. Clothes that fit you perfectly are the best choice of clothing.

  • Balance Proportions

Proportions in fashion mean that the size of outfit you wear must look good together on fit your body shape. The balance proportion can be achieved by wearing clothes that suit you and look good together; for instance, when you are wearing a skinny top & bottom, add a loose blazer to your outfit, and you will notice it will enhance your look. The three-piece rule always works and changes your look from good to extraordinary.

And if you are experimenting with loose clothes, make sure to keep the rest of your clothing fitted.

  • Add colors to your outfit

Black and white are classic colors choices in clothing, but do you know the combination of colors can make your outfit more stylish? The right color combination that compliments each other goes well with fashion, and for that, you have to understand cool and hot colors and mix them with neutral colors.

  • Shop better

When you shop for clothes, look for clothes that diversify your wardrobe, go with multiple outfits, and learn what you want. So, you have all the necessary items that you will wear.

You can shop from thrift stores or shop online to find a variety of clothes, but yeah, always set your budget before you start shopping.

  • Create your style

This may take the time you need to be a good observant, understand what looks better, and make you look good different.

  • Understand the Power of Accessories

A simple accessory can change your look from good to fabulous. For example, a long dress with a long necklace and simple pearl earrings can enhance your look.

Final thoughts

Fashion and lifestyle are essences of life both go hand-in-hand. When you look …