April 13, 2024

Bathroom Style

Matching the shower faucet set according to the bathroom style is like matching your Ankara suit with a universal shirt and pair of shoes. Or think of it like spicing a soup. The soup is your bathroom, and the spices are the shower faucets. The spices need to collaborate to establish an utterly and unifying delicious flavor. Hopefully, you can draw the picture in your mind that genuinely matching the shower faucet set according to your bathroom style is indeed an art, not a science. No designer can tell you how your bathroom needs to be matched with the shower faucet; it all depends on how you want it to look. Let us dive into the terrain of matching shower faucet sets according to the bathroom style.


Conventional wisdom envisages colors and plumbing in your bathroom should bring a gorgeous look. You need to choose colors that create an excellent contrast between plumbing finishes and fixtures, such as a shower faucet set for the big bathrooms. A large space means the eyes have enough space to be led into many directions, whereas a small area can be designed with one color to assist in pulling together the bathroom.


Consequently, if your bathroom is painted white on the walls, a chrome shower faucet set could sparkle the contrast with oil-rubbed bronze hinges. Whereas if your bathroom comprises maple-colored walls and dark mahogany cabinetry, you may try to bring a contrast by matching it with antique silver or brushed nickel shower faucet set.


Bathroom Style


For the folks with designer eyes, mixing oil-rubbed bronzes, copper sconces, and knobs with a chrome shower faucet set can bring a gorgeous sparkling bathroom. For those already with a beautiful vessel sink made of chrome waterfall faucet, it is essential not to repeat the chrome anywhere since the shower faucet set is the focal point.


One mistake that you should avoid is installing metal fixtures that compete with each other. Therefore, if you want to bring a contrasting view to your bathroom, select cool finishes to match those with a warm hue. For example, cool hue metals include nickel, chrome, and stainless steel. In contrast, metal with warm hues includes copper, bronze, brass, and gold.


Making one feature the focal point and, in this case, the shower faucet set, which is an integral part of the bathroom, requires balancing of other fixtures as well. It is good to find rhythms and emphasis in your bathroom. Let’s think of our bathroom as the classic white shirt. White shirts are always easy to match with anything. Nickel brings a warmer tone, and stainless steel brings an indulgent look. So if you try matching these metals for your shower faucet set with wall colors that contrast, it will give your bathroom a gorgeous look.


Equally, the style of your home design will determine how you intend to decorate your bathroom. As such, it will dictate the style of bathroom fixtures that will go best …